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Providing fast respond lock and key solutions to your car, home, and business. All of our services backed up by 90 days warranty.


24 Hour emergency locksmith service

You just had a scrumptious dinner with you loved ones at your favorite restaurant and are ready to go home. However, on reaching home, you realize that you do not have your house keys. You call the restaurant management to request them to look for the keys but they do not find them. You wonder whether to spend the night or break the door. Fortunately, we are a hand to help you gain access during the night and all other odd hours.

Our emergency lockout is always ready with the equipment and will arrive at your office, home or where your car is parked in a short while. We can replace the lock if you do not know where you lost the key. We use the latest technologies to ensure that the doors are not damaged in the process of breaking the lock.

Do not attempt to break the door. Chances are that you are likely to damage the door to an extent of having a part or whole of it replaced, which is a lot expensive. Do not worry contact us right away.

Days Warranty

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Residential Locksmith

We can assist if you have any of the problems below.


  • 24/7 house lockouts service

If you accidentally lock your keys in the house, we can help you gain access and retrieve them. The service is available any time of the day and night.

  • Locks replacement

We replace locks for every part of your home including the gate, the main door, the garage, and the store.

  • Lock install and repair

We install high-quality locks for new doors at home. We also repair jammed locks and those that have come loose.

  • Locks re-key

Sometimes the internal mechanisms of the lock become lose or fail to work. We change the internal mechanisms for the lock to work effectively.

  • Making the master key

A master key comes in handy when you lose keys to any room at home. You can have a master key for any eventuality.

  • Deadbolt Installation

We install high-quality deadbolt locks for your main door. Deadbolt locks make the door lock more resistant to unauthorized entry.

  • Peepholes installation

A peephole helps you ensure that you are opening the door to the people you know. We install high-quality viewers at affordable prices.

  • Security strike plates

Strike plates help ensure that the locks are firmly in place when you lock the house. We install quality strike plates and fasten the ones that may have come loose.

Automotive Locksmith

We have a variety of lock services for your car.


  • 24/7 lockout service

We can assist you to gain access to your vehicle should you lock the keys inside the vehicle. We handle all car models efficiently.

  • Fix jammed ignitions

If your car ignition system is jammed, contact us for quick ignition repair service. If the ignition system has a bigger problem, we can install a new ignition system. We can also assist when you need to change your car ignition system.

  • Re-key car locks

If the internal mechanisms of your locks are not working fine, we can change them and not the whole lock.

  • Transponder key  repair services

We handle any problems with your transponder keys.

  • Car key replacement

If you happen to lose your keys, we are at hand to replace them

  • Program chip keys

We help program your car chip keys for maximum security.

  • Extract broken key

If your key gets broken and a piece of the key remains in the car, we can help you extract it from the lock and replace it for you.

  • High-security key

We make high-security keys to your car. The high-security keys are hard to duplicate and are highly durable.

Commercial Locksmith

Our services to commercial clients include:


  • 24/7 lockouts service

We help you gain access to your offices or business premises when you accidentally lock the door with the keys inside.

  • High-security locks

We sell and install high-security locks to the main door and all areas in your office that require high-level security.

  • Re-key locks

We re-key all premise locks whose internal mechanisms have a problem.

  • Master key systems

We can create master keys to allow entry and access to several areas of the office if some keys are lost.

  • Access control systems

For enhanced security, we install various types of access control systems that include smart card entry systems, biometric access control and token systems among others.

  • Door hardware installation

We install a variety of door hardware including doorknobs, levers, handle sets, and deadbolts among others. We repair hardware that may have jammed or broken.

  • Push bars

We also install push bars on the entrances to your offices and repair damaged ones.

  • Buzzer entry

We install a buzzer at the entrance to the main office and other high-security areas of the premise to restrict entry to only the authorized.

  • Safe And Vault service

We are expert in non-destructive safe and vault opening and servicing.