Need Roadside Assistance? Need On-site cutting or on-site fixing? Is your ignition jammed? No fear! Because we are here! Contact our 24/7 hotline and we will rush to provide you with roadside assistance and lockout services. We are pioneers in fixing any type of automotive key or lock and replacing jammed ignitions.

Transponder Keys

A transponder key is one that contains a chip that disables a vehicle immobilizer when a car is started. Our sophisticated team will assist you in replacing such a key if required.

24/7 Lockout

If you are locked out and need on the spot help? Call our hotline and our team will rush to your aid!

Jammed Ignitions

We utilize cutting edge technology to replace and/or repair jammed ignitions for common car brands as GM, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Dodge etc.(not including European vehicles)

On-Site Installation

Where ever you may be, our expert team will find you and arrive shortly to look after your needs.

VAT System Keys

VATS or Vehicle Antitheft System was introduced in order to prevent stealing of vehicles. Our qualified professionals use an ohm meter to crack the code, making our clients very satisfied.

Key Extraction

Our locksmith experts are able to extract any key which has been lodged and broken inside a lock.


Car Door Lock

We possess the best team to help you repair your car door lock and fix hardware or any other lock mechanism issues that you might be facing. (not including European vehicles)

Laser Cut Keys

We have the capability to make any high-tech car key for almost any automotive brand.